Miflin Police Frequencies

If available, see below for a list of known police frequencies for Miflin, Alabama.

Or, navigate to your city or town to view your local police frequencies.

Miflin Scanner Frequencies

Alabama First Responder Network - Project 25 Phase II

Frequency Frequency Description
769.08125Baldwin County
769.09375Baldwin County
769.18125Baldwin County
769.33125Baldwin County
769.34375Baldwin County
769.43125Baldwin County
769.68125Baldwin County
769.83125Baldwin County
769.84375Baldwin County
769.93125Baldwin County
770.10625Baldwin County
770.11875Baldwin County

770.18125Baldwin County
770.51875Baldwin County
770.68125Baldwin County
770.75625Baldwin County
770.76875Baldwin County
770.93125Baldwin County
771.01875Baldwin County
771.14375Baldwin County
771.69375Baldwin County
772.23125Baldwin County
772.28125Baldwin County
772.65625Baldwin County
772.93125Baldwin County
773.03125Baldwin County
773.19375Baldwin County
773.28125Baldwin County
773.45625Baldwin County
773.53125Baldwin County
773.70625Baldwin County
773.78125Baldwin County
773.80625Baldwin County
774.06875Baldwin County
774.23125Baldwin County
774.31875Baldwin County
774.48125Baldwin County
774.56875Baldwin County
774.81875Baldwin County
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Below is a list of cities located within Baldwin County, Alabama. Click the link to your city or town to view any available police frequencies.

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