New London Police Frequencies

If available, see below for a list of known police frequencies for New London, Connecticut. Or, navigate to another city or town within New London County, to view the local police frequencies.

New London Police Trunking Frequencies & Talkgroups

Below are any trunking frequencies and their corresponding talkgroups (decimals). Be sure to check the system name of each frequency and talkgroup to make sure you are inputting everything correctly into your scanner (some systems are different types, so you'll need to input each system separately).

New London Police Trunking Frequencies

System Name System Type Frequency
WaterfordProject 25 Phase I854.1625

WaterfordProject 25 Phase I854.3875

WaterfordProject 25 Phase I856.5375

WaterfordProject 25 Phase I857.5375

WaterfordProject 25 Phase I858.2375

WaterfordProject 25 Phase I859.2375

WaterfordProject 25 Phase I859.7125

New London Police Trunking Talkgroups

System Name Talkgroup Description
Waterford1001New London Police - Dispatch
Waterford1002New London Police - TAC
Waterford1003New London Police - TAC

New London Police Radar Detectors & New London Police Scanners

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